Delivering a better banking service for Tesco customers

Grant Bourbousson
Grant Bourbousson
Digital Director

We’re passionate about delivering products and services that help our customers to manage their money simply and easily. Since Tesco Bank was created, we’ve worked hard to provide customers with a different kind of banking experience – one which is much less like traditional banking and much more like the service that customers have come to love and expect from Tesco stores.

Today I met a number of Members of the Scottish Parliament at an event hosted by Murdo Fraser, MSP. During this meeting, we explained how we are using customer experience and insight, design thinking (an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user of services, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions) and Beta testing to both develop and refine our services, all while ensuring that customers remain at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve seen first-hand customer’s desire for ease and convenience as evidenced by the growing number of customers opting for digital services. Over the past year, online banking logins have increased by 44%, equating to over 92 million logins during that period.  This is why, we have changed the way we work to ensure that we have the capability to continually evolve and improve our digital and traditional customer service channels. A recent example is the improvements we’ve made to our Online Banking Platforms.

To inform the changes to our Online Banking Platforms, we utilised a design thinking approach; exploring key customer touchpoints and interviewing both customers and colleagues to understand how they use this service. To critically test the new design we brought customers together into a Beta Testing Group. This group had early access to our new look online banking platform to use it as they would ordinarily and provide feedback on their experiences. Through this process, we were able to refine the changes we made, ensuring that it worked well, was genuinely helpful for customers, but crucially, remained simple and easy to use. 

It was great to discuss this change with MSPs, exploring Tesco Bank’s experiences and highlighting the issues which we know are important to our customers and the wider banking industry.

We are proud to be the bank for people who shop at Tesco and to serve the financial needs of Britain’s customers a little better every day. 

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