In-app travel money allows our customers to easily buy before they fly!

Grant Bourbousson
Grant Bourbousson
Digital Director

We’ve worked hard to provide customers with a different kind of banking experience – one which is much less like traditional banking and much more like the service that customers have come to love and expect from Tesco stores.

Speaking to customers and finding out what really matters to them is so important to us and through these discussions, it’s clear that for Tesco shoppers, their time is precious.

At Tesco Bank, we’ve seen first-hand our customers' desire for ease and convenience, as evidenced by the growing number of customers opting to use our digital services. This is why we have decided to trial a new digital feature, enabling Android customers to purchase travel money directly through our Mobile Banking App.

We hope this feature will help customers in the lead up to the busy holiday period by offering a quick, convenient and simple way to check our current exchange rates and to purchase travel money. 

So, if you have a holiday coming up, why not give it a go? It’s really quick and easy to access – just follow the steps below. If you use this feature, we’d love to hear your feedback, so please do join the discussions on Your Community.

Our Mobile Banking App offers all that you would expect from a banking app, as well as a number of innovative features to help our customers manage their finances quickly and easily. This includes:

  • Quick and secure access to the app using either Face ID, Touch ID or Fingerprint, 5-digit passcode or existing online banking login details.
  • Easy set up and management of credit card repayments by direct debit or debit card.
  • An overdraft alert feature to help current account customers avoid account fees.
  • Block / unblock feature which helps our credit card customers keep their account safe.
  • Card scanning for credit card payments which enables customers to quickly add new card details using their camera.


How do customers access this new feature?
To access this feature, Android customers simply need to log into the mobile app and swipe through the on-screen carousel until they reach the ‘Travel Money’ option. From there, the customers can check the rates by clicking on the fly out menu. From there they simply need to follow the on-screen instructions. Once the order has been processed, the customer will receive a confirmation email.

How quickly can I collect my currency?

If your online order is confirmed before 2pm, then you can collect Euro and Dollar the next calendar day from our bureaux, or any currency the next working day from our Travel Money Customer Service Desks.

What’s the difference between a Travel Money bureau and a Customer Service Desk Collection point?

A Travel Money bureau is a manned booth that sits inside a Tesco store where you will be served by a Tesco Travel Money adviser.  We also have selected stores where you can conveniently collect travel money from the Customer Service Desk which is at the front of the store and is manned by Customer Service Desk store colleagues.

What can I do with any currency left over after my trip?

We buy back all the currencies we sell, in most bank note values.  We do this at our in store bureau, but not at the Customer Service Desks.

If a customer places an order in this way, what do they need to show colleagues when they collect their order?
You’ll need to bring valid photo ID e.g. passport, full UK photographic driving licence (we do not accept provisional driving licences) or EU ID card and the payment card you used for this order. If collecting from one of our in-store bureau, you will also be required to verify the PIN. The name on the card and the other identification must match the name of the person collecting the order.

Tesco Travel Money ordered online is provided by Travelex  Currency Services Limited.

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