Promoting our career opportunities as part of National Apprenticeship Week

Jill Cooper
Jill Cooper
Customer Experience Lead

This week marks National Apprenticeship Week, a UK wide opportunity to celebrate and recognise the value Apprentices bring to the workforce, as well as formal Apprenticeship Programmes.

Since 2014, we have run an Apprenticeship Programme, offering participants the opportunity to gain practical work experience, alongside training and development, all while working towards a professional qualification. Currently all of our apprentices join our customer service teams putting them at the forefront of our business.

I caught up with two of our recent apprentices to hear about their career journeys within Tesco Bank.

Kathryn Malone

"I applied for the Tesco Bank Apprenticeship programme in 2016 – I didn’t have any work experience and came straight from high school. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do job-wise, but the Bank felt like a really exciting opportunity which would allow me to get practical work experience, while having access to training and professional qualifications.

When I first started at Tesco Bank, I was really nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and supportive and really went out of their way to help me.

The Apprenticeship Programme has taught me valuable and transferrable skills, for example how to provide excellent customer service, as well as how to manage my own development. Being involved in the Apprenticeship Programme has made me much more independent and has really boosted my confidence.

Two years on, and I have really progressed in my career at Tesco Bank. I have had experience working in a number of different departments and have recently been successful in applying for a job within Financial Crime. I can’t wait to see how my career develops and look forward to the opportunities, experiences and challenges along the way."

Jed Winter

"Before I joined Tesco Bank I knew nothing about banking, other than it allowed me access to my money.  

The Apprenticeship Programme taught me a vast array of new skills, from engaging with colleagues and stakeholders to learning new tips on how to save. As an apprentice I loved that I wasn’t treated any differently to other colleagues and was encouraged to take opportunities, which really helped shape my development.

At the moment I am a coach within the core banking team, the same department I joined over two years ago. I now use my skills and experience to help with other colleagues’ development, something which I really enjoy.

If you are thinking about an apprenticeship, I can honestly say it is one of the best moves I’ve made. I now have a job which I really enjoy in an organisation that is exciting, innovative, but most importantly friendly and fun.”

To find out more about our Apprenticeship Programme, as well as the career opportunities we offer, please visit

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