Putting Customer Service at the Forefront of our Business

Grant Bourbousson
Grant Bourbousson
Digital Director

When we became Tesco Bank six years ago we wanted to offer customers banking services that were different and better to what they were used to from the major banks. Since then we've added well over a million customers by listening carefully to what matters to them and working hard to meet their needs - offering good value banking and insurance services that are designed around them, not around us.

How we use digital technology has been central to making our services easy for customers. For every 10 new customers we attract, 9 of them are coming to us online or through mobile technology, so getting these platforms right is critical to the success of the Bank.

In the last year we have completely changed our website to make it far more needs based for customers, our first mobile banking app is now used regularly by over half a million customers, and we're improving our device based services all the time. We don't use technology for the sake of it, and we know that sometimes nothing beats talking to an expert. But we do learn from how our customers use our services and are constantly innovating to respond to what they are telling us.        

'Balance Peek', for example was introduced as a direct result of what we have learned from customers.  And we were the first UK bank to support an app on the new Apple Watch because we know that customers want to manage their finances wherever they are and whenever they want.

We’ve taken this commitment to providing great online customer service one step further by recently launching two new customer service twitter handles (@TescoBankHelp and @TescoInsureHelp), and an online web chat function for our motor and home insurance customers. And this week we’ve launched an Online Community for Tesco Bank customers to engage with each other, share knowledge and talk money - all from the device of their choice

We've got more work to do, but if we listen to customers and focus our energy and effort on what they are telling us, I'm confident we'll continue to make banking easier for them.

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