Take a peek at our updated Mobile Banking App

Grant Bourbousson
Grant Bourbousson
Digital Director

Over 90% of customers engage with us either online or on their mobile devices, so making sure our digital services are as simple and easy to use as possible is massively important. For that reason, we spend a lot of time listening to customers to understand how they use our services, and we’re always working on improvements to reflect their feedback.

Last year we launched our website with a new design built around how our customers use the site, and the feedback from customers has been fantastic. Our Mobile Banking App has also developed rapidly over the last 6 months to make it more and more useful for customers.

Since we launched the app last June, we’ve already had almost 450,000 downloads - far more than originally anticipated. In that time, we’ve learned a huge amount about how customers use the app and have made a number of improvements to it as a result.

The latest feature, launched today, is ‘Balance Peek’ which lets customers check their balances quickly and easily, without having to go through the full login process. Balance Peek gives customers access only to the account balances they have selected and their partial account numbers. However, if they want to carry out any transactions, they need to log in to the Mobile Banking App.

We developed Balance Peek because we know that out of the 63,000 logins to the Mobile App each day, more than a third of these are purely to check a balance. Balance Peek will help make it quicker and simpler for customers to keep track of their finances.

Balance Peek is the second innovation we’ve launched since our Mobile Banking App was introduced. The ‘Save Now’ feature, launched at the end of last year, makes it easier for customers to transfer money into their savings account from almost any UK bank account using the Mobile Banking App. Save Now has helped our customers to save over £4 million to date and it continues to prove very popular. Additionally, we are also helping customers pay their bills on time by allowing them to add and remove debit cards to pay off their credit card bills.

Listening to customers is the key to making our services as good as they can possibly be, and Balance Peek and Save Now are just two examples of how we’re working to do that. There will be more to come, so watch this space.