We’re making mobile banking easier

Grant Bourbousson
Grant Bourbousson
Digital Director

On your daily commute, while you wait for your coffee, or even when you’re out for dinner, look around you and you’ll see people busy on their mobile phones.                

Recent consumer research by Ofcom confirms that we have become the smart phone nation, utilising our mobile phones to manage more and more of our daily lives – from transport to dating, socialising to diets. Mobile technology has driven significant changes in how we manage our money.

Since we launched our mobile app in 2014, we have seen adoption increase dramatically. Today, over 1 million of our customers use our mobile app to manage their account and in the last month alone, customers viewed their balance 6.2 million times and moved £260 million all using their mobile phone.

As technology develops, it offers significant opportunities to provide services to customers, however, taking time to hear what is truly important, valued and helpful remains crucial. At Tesco Bank, we take time to listen to customer feedback and this along with industry research and behavioural insight has helped us to develop the services that we offer.

From customer feedback, it became clear that having to first register for online banking, before being able to access our mobile app was a real frustration. Our customers clearly expect us to allow them to register to access their accounts, natively, on a device of their choosing.

To help our customers, we have worked hard to incorporate ‘native mobile registration’ into the service we deliver and are delighted to announce that from today, customers will be able to access our mobile banking app without first registering for and accessing internet banking. This seamless sign up functionality is currently offered by some Fintechs, but we believe we are the first bank with scale to provide this service.

‘Native mobile registration will mean it’s quicker and easier for customers to access their accounts via a mobile phone, making managing money anytime and anyplace a piece of cake.

To find out more about our mobile banking app, please visit: https://www.tescobank.com/mobile-banking-app/