Why diversity matters to me

Jacqui Mallin
Jacqui Mallin
People Director

Few people can dispute the importance of diversity in the work place, after all, how can we expect to understand our customers and what drives them, if we can’t relate to who they are and what’s important to them?  A diverse workplace ensures that we can help to drive innovation for customers, in terms of the products that we offer and the services we deliver.

For me, however, diversity in the workplace is fundamentally about fostering a culture and environment in which everyone feels included and valued, and where our colleagues are supported to reach their full potential by being themselves at work.

We put our weight behind Diversity and Inclusion by making sure we hear – and act on – as many voices as possible. Our Inclusion Council brings together Director sponsors, the Chairs of our colleague networks, external stakeholders and Diversity and Inclusion teams from across Tesco to guide our work.  

Last night, I had the pleasure of taking part in ‘Everyone's Welcome - Be The Difference’, an event run by our Women at Tesco Network. The event brought together a range of speakers to explore how all of us can help to make Tesco Bank a place where everyone can get on.

I was inspired by the other panellists, all of whom gave their own personal stories, experiences and observations of the challenges women still face in progressing professionally, especially in the banking sector. 

Vivienne Artz, President of Women in Banking and Finance, made the excellent point that many women feel that they have to be superwomen in order to succeed, and she talked about how we can all counter the unconscious bias that undoubtedly still exists.

Amanda Rendle, one of our Non-Executive Directors, spoke of her own experience building a successful career with a young family, and the importance of providing flexibility in the workplace, and why banking really needs diversity of thought to ensure it is delivering for customers.

What struck me on listening to the panellists and the questions we received from our audience, is the real drive, determination and commitment to embrace diversity; recognising that it is fundamental to our workplaces and society more broadly. Women at Tesco Chair Chrisanna Martin in opening the event said that everyone who was in that room can go out and help challenge ideas and processes they see every day. I share this determination and I am proud that at Tesco Bank, we are working hard to support a culture where everyone’s welcome.

To find out more about our Networks and what they offer colleagues, visit our Diversity and Inclusion pages online.

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