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Why Pride?

Patrick Mason
Patrick Mason
Senior Compliance Manager

For LGBTQ+ individuals, Pride Month is one of the most significant times of the year – generally held in June, primarily to honour the Stonewall Riots in in 1969, where the actions of a few is generally considered to have sparked the modern movement we know today as Pride. And this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Gay Pride Rally in London, when 2,000 people took park. Fast forward to 2019, and Pride in London (as it has become) attracted over one and a half million people.

It’s almost impossible to overestimate the huge importance of Pride – for people like me, born after the Stonewall Riots, the actions of those few queer people (predominantly lesbians and trans women) inspired others to fight back and demand equal rights. I am humbled and hugely grateful for those who struggled through life to effectively allow me to be who I am today – an openly gay man.

June is a month of celebration, education and remembrance – celebrating how far we have come, educating and shining a spotlight on the past and the present (where work still needs to be done), and remembering those members of the community who suffered or are no longer with us. And now, we get an opportunity to return to the streets, to march, to remind people of who we are, and why we do it. We must not forget its roots - Pride is and remains a protest.

And while Pride is a protest, I’m so happy that I also get to focus on celebration, and take part in Pride with my “other family", those in the LGBTQ+ community. Whatever your gender expression or sexuality, Pride is for everyone.

Throughout Pride Month we’ll be making our voices heard through a series of events for colleagues:

  • For the second year, Tesco is running their LGBTQ+ Awards, recognising those across the Tesco family who have helped make a difference.
  • There will be a programme of speakers and events run by Tesco
  • We will be supporting the Stonewall Lace Up and Speak Up campaign

Tesco has a long history of supporting Pride (right back to the early days), and this year is no exception. We are a proud supporter this year of both Edinburgh Pride and Northern Pride, and we will be right there, marching proudly in both.

Happy Pride!


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