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Tesco reveals dental map of Britain

Research from a survey by Tesco Dental Insurance has revealed Brits are finding it increasingly difficult to find an NHS dentist.

The results also show that rising dental costs are putting people off visiting the dentist.

Key findings from the survey:

  • 42% of Brits and almost two-thirds of Londoners are put off going to their dentist because of the cost
  • 14% of Londoners have paid over £300 in the past year in dental treatment

Worryingly, if they badly needed a tooth extraction but couldn’t afford the dental costs, a tenth of people from Nottingham would just live with the pain while those from Cardiff would be most likely to extract their own tooth.

  • Those in the South East of England struggle the most to find a dentist
  • People from East Anglia have fewest fillings
  • The Welsh are least likely to visit their dentist
  • Scots are most likely to grind their teeth

Jeremy Sutton head of Tesco Dental Insurance says,

“Given the current economic situation many people are worried about spending money. Receiving important dental treatment is essential to overall health as well as oral health. Premiums for Tesco Dental Insurance start from just £9.95 a month and can help manage the costs of dentist bills.”

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Notes to Editors:

Survey in conjunction with the British Dental Health Foundation of 1,000 people within the UK.

About Tesco Dental Insurance

Tesco Personal Finance has teamed up with AXA PPP healthcare to offer the dental insurance products.

NHS dental charges in England and Wales

NHS dental treatment in England and Wales is charged in three bands regardless of whether you have one visit to your dentist, or a whole course of treatment.

NHS dental charges in Scotland and Northern Ireland

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, dentists charge per item and patients are expected to pay 80% of treatment up to a maximum limit (£372 in Scotland and £384 in Northern Ireland at the time of going to print).

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