Tesco Bank’s latest ‘little help’ is on the money for holidaymakers

Tesco Bank has today launched its latest ‘little help’ that will mean its travel money customers are prepared for the custom of tipping as soon as they arrive on their holiday.

Travel Money Tip Packs, which contain 20 x $1 notes, are available to purchase in 360 Tesco travel money bureaus across the UK after an initial trial period found there to be strong customer demand. Coming in their own separate wallet from higher value notes, the packs are designed as a helpful addition for customers travelling to countries including the USA and the Caribbean where tipping is seen as a mandatory practice, as well as those who value the convenience of having smaller denominations of notes.

If the packs continue to be a hit with customers, the initiative could be rolled out for other currencies as well as being made available in various different denominations.

There will also be a ‘little help for little people’, with packs specifically designed for children being introduced to travel money bureaus from 26 August. ‘My holiday money’ wallets will be available in 20 x €1 packs but can also be created to an amount of the customer’s choosing. The wallets – which contain an educational quiz based on currencies of the world on its cover - are a practical way to get children understanding money at an early age.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Loch, Tesco Bank’s Group Payments and Money Services Director said:

“We’ve all been there - you just arrive on holiday and find you don’t have the right money to tip the taxi driver who picks you up at the airport. Our readymade tip packs are intended to give you that peace of mind as soon as you land.

“The packs really have gone down a storm with customers. Those going on all-inclusive holidays are finding them particularly helpful, and we’ve seen lots of people buying them as thoughtful gifts for friends and family. Also, our travel wallets for kids are an excellent way to get them interested in different currencies and to understand money from a young age.

"We always aim to serve our customers in ways that make their lives a little easier and we think these handy packs will be extremely useful for travellers of all ages.” 


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