Tesco Bank ATMs used to donate over £46,000 to charities

We're delighted to announce that in the financial year ending 28 February 2021, our customers used our network of ATMs to donate over £46,000 across seven different charities including NSPCC Childline, the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK.

We have the UK's third-largest ATM network and our ATM estate is one of only two that allows customers to make charitable donations at the machine. Since 2012 this has raised over £700,000 for various good causes.

Customers made donations while conducting everyday transactions such as cash withdrawals and balance enquiries. The average value per donation went up by 5% from the previous year, despite a reduction in ATM usage due to the pandemic.

Duane Campbell, Head of ATMs at Tesco Bank, said: "Tesco has some of the busiest ATMs in the UK, and I am delighted our facilities are allowing customers a convenient and safe way to donate to important charities so they can provide vital support to those in need.

"Tesco Bank has a proud record of fundraising for good causes and for supporting the communities in which we operate. I'm pleased Tesco shoppers are donating as much as ever, particularly during these unprecedented times."

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