Tesco Bank begins ATM network modernisation programme

Programme is part of Tesco Bank’s commitment to the protection of free access to cash 

Tesco Bank is to undergo a programme to modernise its ATM network over the next three years, as part of a major commitment to the protection of free access to cash in the UK. 

Tesco Bank has the third largest ATM network in the UK, with ATMs available and free to use in 3,100 Tesco and One Stop stores across the country.  Tesco Bank’s ATM network accounts for 15% of all cash withdrawals made in the UK1.  

The programme will see over 2,000 ATMs, around two-thirds of the Tesco Bank estate, replaced with newer models.  This will give communities continued access to free to use machines that are equipped with modern technology, and even higher standards of reliability and security. The programme is expected to complete in 2023. 

Tesco Bank is also continuing its policy of installing an ATM in all new Tesco stores wherever possible2 and, in addition, will continue to engage with local communities to explore the role it can play where a lack of free access to cash has been identified. 

Mark Loch, Group Payments and Money Services Director, Tesco Bank, said: 

“At Tesco Bank, we know the vital role that our ATMs play in the daily lives of shoppers across the country, with one pound in every seven withdrawn in the UK coming from one of our machines. 

“We’re committed to protecting free access to cash in the communities that we serve, and we work hard to improve access wherever we can. We have the largest bank-owned ATM network in the UK, and this programme will ensure Tesco stores remain a safe, reliable and convenient way for customers to access their cash for free in the future.” 

Notes to Editors 

For more information contact: 

Barry Cameron, Head of Media Relations and Public Affairs, 07841 192899

Stuart Taylor, Public Affairs Manager, 07841 192901 

  1. Based on Pay.UK Market Share data (July-Sept 2020)
  2. Planning or other restrictions mean that it is not always possible to install an ATM at a new Tesco store. 
  3. In October 2020, Tesco Bank responded to a LINK community request for improved access to cash by installing a free-to-use ATM at the Tesco Express store in Cramlington, Blyth Valley. This meant the community had free access to cash following the removal of the only ATM in the community earlier that year. 
  4. Tesco Bank is one of only two banks in the UK to give customers the option to make donations to national and local charities when at the ATM, an initiative that has raised more than £700,000 for good causes since its launch in 2012. 

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