Multicultural @ Tesco Bank

The more inclusive and diverse we are as an employer, the better we are as a bank. So we’re proud to be home to a working environment where we can recognise, understand and celebrate each other’s culture, race and religion.

As part of our commitment to making Tesco Bank a multicultural employer, we work together with Business in the Community – an organisation built on the idea that prosperity in business goes hand in hand with prosperity in society. Our partnership with Black Professionals Scotland has also given us some amazing opportunities of learning and growth, including one of our big success stories of our partnership; welcoming six interns during Summer 2022.

Multicultural at Tesco Bank Colleague Network 

Our Multicultural Network includes colleagues from across Tesco Bank, working to bring the diversity of our team to life to help us better understand each other’s culture and identity. As such, the network organises a range of events throughout the year to share some of traditions, celebrations and key dates that matter most to us like Black History Month and Eid. Our Multicultural at Tesco Bank Colleague Network works to elevate the voices of our Black, Brown and underrepresented colleagues so we can ensure we are listening and taking action to make Tesco Bank an inclusive organisation.